Seach Engine Optimization

SEO, its effectiveness for modern day business, and handy tricks to make most of SEO

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization can simply be understood as the tricks or practices made for increasing the traffic or visitors to the concerned site. Here it is referred about the white hat or organic methods, which means the strategies through which traffic or visitors to a website is increased through improvement of ranking of the concerned.

Effective SEO helps to keep a site at the top spots of search engine result page. It is here to mention that Google witnesses around 96% of the clicks on the pages that appear at the top place of search engine result. The websites appearing at higher positions enjoy greater conversion rates. This is the reason top SEO consultant always emphasize organic SEO for the success of any digital marketing campaign.

How it helps for businesses in longer term

It can be rather claimed that the prime reason behind using SEO is to provide long term result for a business. Making it simpler, one can understand that the brand value which gives a product/company the major boost on a long run can be got over the digital platforms powered by SEO. Search engine ranking is the best example of the same.

Be it about Google’s Adsense or any other advertising campaign suggested by your SEO expert, they all emphasize about search engine ranking over any other aspect. And, there is no other way available to improve Google search engine ranking using organic SEO strategies.

The best part about brand building through SEO or using the digital platform is that at the same time establishing your business as a brand; it ensures about greater reach and visibility as well. Moreover, with time, you get more established as a brand with minimal effort required. Some statistics can be referred for greater convenience on this matter.

  • Not just the traditional blogging sites, 67% of B2B marketers stick only with SEO for their lead generation.
  • SEO is highly trusted among market research professionals as well. According to the reports of a leading market research firm, more than 80% of people in modern times take help of Google before buying a product.
  • 96% of the B2B businesses appearing at the top of search engine page enjoy the highest click-through rate in their concerned niche.

SEO services in India (as well as over the globe) have grown their significance even more with the advent of advanced technicalities like a smartphone. Designing responsive or mobile-friendly sites and doing keyword optimization from smartphone user perspectives, all do fall under the SEO strategies.

In short, SEO can be crucial in terms of making a product or site reach to the best extent among the users of all types of devices. Needless is to say that how much it matters for a product or service to make its app get installed at the targeted customer’s device. Keeping all these aspects in view, it is evident that SEO can be the most relevant way of making a site successful in the longer run.

SEO trends

As explained above, SEO is the most powerful way of building a brand over the web and establishing it the firmest possible way. However, it is a fact at the same time that SEO is an ever evaluating principle. One has to keep up with the hottest trends to stay at the top. In this context, given below are the hottest SEO trends in modern times to keep a site ahead of its competitors.

Take care of mobile-first indexing:

Mobile-first indexing is all about making the digital marketers simply understand the fact that Google makes use of the smartphone edition of a page for its ranking. It is here to mention that this process of migrating sites to mobile-first indexing has been going on since 2018 itself. Search Console actively notifies the sites about the same.

Loading time:

Page speed plays a very crucial role in modern times. Google pays greater emphasis on the development of highly optimised UX and the swiftest delivery or loading. Earlier, loading time over the larger screen devices like PCs used to be a crucial factor for ranking development. But, since July 2018, speed over the mobile is playing an equally crucial role.


Backlink generation has been, and will always be the kingmaker in the SEO arena. Getting quality backlinks through high-end authority sites is still the most effective way of boosting search engine ranking.

Upon addressing the mentioned above aspects along qualitatively best contents, one can indeed expect about significant outcomes for the search engine.

Things to take care before we start SEO

There are certain very fundamental aspects those people fail to address or simply ignore, as a result of which, they have to pay a big price. Creating contents before launching a website is one such factor. Any expert search engine optimizer is obvious to recommend about keeping a good bulk of contents ready before making the site active.

According to the report of Hubspot, the digital platforms with more than sixteen blogs in a month get more than three times traffic, in comparison to those who do lesser. Those with 400 and more quality blog posts enjoy doubling the traffic in comparison with those with lesser number of posts. There is no better way of keeping contents ready before getting bulk inbound traffic.

The next big thing that one needs to take care of is about setting up Google Analytics. It is also suggested to set up the Search Console. The logic is quite simple on this matter; these things provide a clear picture of what’s going on over your site. And, be it about a site or anything else, nothing can be enhanced without the flaws in it being addressed properly. To be specific, knowing the sources of organic traffic or the links is very much vital for a new website (also for an established site) to be successful in the long run.

Apart from this, one should emphasize the keyword aspects more during the initial days. Specifically, emphasis should be given around research and generation of long-tail keywords. After all, the long tail keywords are the ones those deliver the most specific outcome for searches made. Take care of the above aspects by hiring the best SEO Company in the world.