Real Estate Lead Generation Through SEO

real estate lead generation through seo

With all the noise and traffic on the internet, real estate SEO companies comes down to one point: showing up on the top searches of the search engine results page (SERP).

According to the statistics, about 90% of the people looking for a house use the internet. In addition to it, the majority of the traffic comes from the first page of the search engine. With such a massive number of people searching online, the one who has mastered SEO wins.

Altogether both types of SEOs have their own benefits and strategies, which need to be carried out.

So, what is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing the website in order to increase its ranking on the search engine page. The website ranking is determined by Google based on various factors which include keywords, domain age, etc.

SEO includes Organic and Inorganic SEO. The major difference between organic and inorganic SEO is that the websites do not pay for organic SEO which makes them more valuable.

Organic SEO is put together with the help of keyword optimization, along with quality content; whereas in Inorganic SEO the website is optimized through paid strategies, including pay-per-click advertisement and paid social media advertising.

Altogether both types of SEOs have their own benefits and strategies, which need to be carried out.

In case of Real Estate Marketing, Organic SEO can be seen as tough as it takes time for the keywords and the website to start ranking. While on the organic SEO is seen as more trustworthy by the customers as compared to inorganic ones, Inorganic SEO provides results more quickly. Also, with Inorganic SEO, a campaign can be created and executed quickly.

To decide which among these is better, one must consider the type and demands of the company, including its budget and marketing goals.

To get among the top rankings and dominate the search engine results page, here are a few tips:

SEO AUDIT: SEO audit helps in evaluating the search engine friendliness of a website. For a local SEO audit, various points need to be checked, which include:

  • Keywords, content, and visuals of the website
  • Interlinking, outbound as well as inbound linking
  • Structure of the site and the page
  • The website should be user- friendly along with the site speed
  1. GET LISTED IN THE GOOGLE-3 PACK: The google-3 pack includes Google+, Google business and Google maps. With the use of this pack, the visibility of the website increases manifolds. Along with it, make sure the website is of high standards.
  2. BUSINESS DIRECTORIES AND LISTINGS: Register your company with various business directories so that the customers visiting the website consider it to be worth a try, and also to build trust among them. Some directions are, city squares,  Whitepages, MagicYellow, etc.
  3. BLOG: A well-optimized website catering to the needs of the customers goes a long way. Add some informative articles related to the properties, surroundings, and others from the customers’ perspective. Along with this, add some visual content such as interviews of customers, virtual tours, etc.
  4. SOCIAL MEDIA: Be active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., to connect with the customers. You can promote your site using the visual content by adding keywords and hashtags.
  5. WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION: Optimization of a website is quintessential to show up on the SERP. To optimize your website, including all the SEO essentials such as relevant keywords, site structure, URLs and inks, quality content, etc.

Carry out all these above points and strategies in order to rank among the relevant SERP. Business is surely one tough cookie, but with the correct use of technology and proper knowledge of techniques, one can build a strong foundation and master the process of Real Estate Marketing through SEO.

Real Estate Lead Generation Through SEO

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