Online Reputation Management for Radiologists

Online Reputation Management for Radiologists

Once upon a time, word-of-mouth from friends and relatives was enough to make decisions. But today, it has been replaced by the internet. This scenario perfectly fits the healthcare industry. Patients turn to the internet to dig deep about doctors, practices, procedures, and background checks before they make an appointment. Thus, the hospitals or physicians need to be deadly serious about their online reputation and take the necessary steps to ensure it is clean and green. Running a radiology practice is not a cakewalk. It is the responsibility of radiologist doctors, running the radiology establishments, to ensure the facilities are hygienic, and patients experience is pleasant. If you overlook any of the areas, the chances of seeing the same patient again in your clinic are thin. 

Here are a few tips on how to play online reputation management game strong.

#1 Give the classic in-house experience 

The first step of having a distinct business reputation management begins by making patients’ visit satisfactory and comfortable. You must have friendly and professional staff in the reception, who attends to the needs and demands of the patients during appointments and follow-ups. Additionally, the radiologists also need to be highly skilled to provide patients with an optimal medical service. 

“You sell an experience, not a product or service.” 

#2 Respond to all reviews 

It is a human’s tendency to feel like their opinions matter. Your patients are no different. As a radiology practitioner, you are expected to keep an active tab on all major review platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc., and make sure their voices are heard. It is highly essential to ask your patients their experience and encourage them to drop feedback. Practitioners can take this forward either by having a tablet in the medical counter to rate their visit or send an email after their visit to leave a review. 

If you get positive feedback, yay! That’s awesome! But do not forget to thank them for that. Likewise, any negative feedback that comes in your way needs to be addressed with succinct explanations. If the patient disclosed himself, it is advised to take it inbox. Apologize for what had gone wrong and ask them how you can make it right to avoid the same further. Make them believe that you are sorry, and above all, be sympathetic. A personal apology can transform a harsh critic into a brand advocate. 

The importance of the reviews continue to increase as 77% of the respondents say they check reviews before selecting a doctor. This demands a nuanced understanding of where, when, and how patients use reviews and this can only be distinguished by reputation management services

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” 

#3 Take Help 

As stated earlier, managing a radiology practice is an exhausting process. This often makes you keep your online reputation management last in the list which is not an ideal sign of healthy business. You can partner with anyone who offers the reputation services for radiologists to know in and outs in the industry. “Take care of your reputation. It is your most valuable asset.” 

Online Reputation Management for Radiologists

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