How to increase leads through PPC ads

While learning how to increase leads through PPC ads, one needs to acknowledge the purpose and process involved in it. Prior to knowing the ways of generating leads through PPC advertising, it’s imperative to get the low-down about it.

PPC abbreviates to Pay-Per-Click. Has simple as it sounds, it is the process in which an advertiser pays a certain amount of fee every time an online user finds (create impressions) or clicks on the ad. Unlike organic marketing, which involves reaching the target audience, driving the users to the website/service, and generating leads naturally without burning money from the pockets; PPC ad marketing involves accomplishing all the above-mentioned goals quickly by means of advertising.

PPC Ads Types

In general, PPC advertising is classified into two types: Paid Search Advertising and Display Advertising based on certain criteria such as the purpose of the ad, the process of setting up the ad, the target audience, where the ad is being presented, and many more. Despite the classification, both of them almost serve the same purpose: increase leads through PPC ads.

Increase Leads Through PPC Ads: Paid Search Advertising

Utilizing Paid Search Advertising to Increase leads through PPC ads involves advertising on Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Here advertisers place bids for relevant keywords that best represent the business. This no-image advertising method is the best way to explain things in short and with precision. 

The above image represents a search query performed for the keyword: “Digital Marketing Courses”. Imagine being an institute that offers digital marketing training and trying to attract aspirants keen on learning about Online Marketing. In order to utilize Search Paid Advertising to reach potential students, one has to bid for a keyword (let’s say $0.2 per click) that is relevant to services/business of the institute, like the one given above. Every time a user clicks on the ad, the advertiser i.e the institute pays the amount i.e $0.2 for every click.

Increase Leads Through PPC Ads: Display Advertising

Display Advertising to increase leads through PPC ads is a process of placing ads on other websites. Google Ads is one of the most used and popular platforms for display advertising.


As resourceful as Search Paid Advertising and Display Advertising sounds, implementing them, especially Google Ads, requires thorough Keyword Research, abundant expertise, and in-depth knowledge about the business market. When the PPC advertising is performed without proper guidance one could end up burning pockets and still get no proper and expected results. To avoid such happening agencies that specialize in Digital Marketing and PPC Ads come in handy.  

How to increase leads through PPC ads

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