How SEO helps small businesses

SEO for Small Business

Running a small business is not as easy as it seems. The majority of the small enterprises crash in the first year of their establishment. Very few businesses stretch to reach the five-year milestone.

Do you know why?  Because they are unable to adapt to market changes and trends. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is one such marketing trend the business of today’s world have widely adopted. It is the process of making your business website rank for a desirable keyword to bring-in search traffic.

In this article, I will share everything I’ve learned working with ​ small business SEO projects, and the insights I’ve got from my research. Given that, if you choose to do everything by yourself or outsource to an SEO services agency, this blog has everything you need to know as a business owner.

Create a well-structured, fast, and responsive website

If you still assume that SEO is all about optimizing for search engines, wake up! Today’s ​ small business SEO is more about improving user experience. In layman terms, whenever a user visits your website, he/she shouldn’t run here and there to find out which is where. Your website must be sensible enough to navigate. A well-structured and confusion-free website enforces a visitor to stay a little longer which further helps in decreasing the bounce rate and increase page views.

Thus, sit for a while and map out your website structure. Check if you can reach from one page to another by at least one static link.

Meta Description

During my schooling, I learned that meta means data. Although it didn’t make much sense then, it is clear now!

SEO image

See the text in the image above. “We are one of the…” This is what we call as meta description. It is a way of telling the visitors what the page is all about. This makes end-users whether to open the link or not. Therefore, make sure each an every page on your website has a meta description that lures the audience to visit the page.

Content Marketing Matters

If you are learning about ​ small business SEO, you might probably come across the phrase “content is the king.” But, let me tell you one thing, not everyone can be king and not every piece of content can make you rank on the Search Engine Results Page(SERP). The content needs to be authentic, free of plagiarism, and well-targeted for the niche audience.

However, never fear! I have got your back.

Content marketing is everywhere and it has been in the industry for over many years. The content does need to be long-long articles or case studies, even using the popular social media channels will get you the same benefit or even more.

For instance, if you run a bakery, you can create a poll on Instagram, such as, ​ “what did you like the most?: flaky pastry or puff pastry.” If your potential audience is on Twitter or Facebook, you can post a question, such as, ​ “what is the most scrumptious dessert we have served?” ​ These kinds of posts boost the engagements among your audience and root a seed in their minds that their opinions matter.

What kinds of posts do you publish if you run a bakery? Let us know in the comments section below.

I agree! This is tough and does demand groundwork to get the results that talk on behalf of you. I’d very much applaud if you do it yourself, if not, do not worry at all. There are hundreds of ​ SEO services ​ companies across the globe that could take up your business and bring the desired results.

How SEO helps small businesses

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