Have You Heard About Local Digital Marketing

Most of you are aware of the digital marketing essence in the current competitive business world. So, what is this​ local digital marketing​ jargon again?

Let me explain.

Assume you run a bakery in your town. All of your products have incredible taste but the bottom line is less than your investment. You do not get the customers you deserve.

Doesn’t it hurt? Of course, it does.

The consumers of today’s world go to search engines prior to purchasing any product or look for the best in the market. So, when the end audience search for “bakery near me” and your shop does not show up in the results, you are losing your customers. How do you increase your customers’ base when they do not even know that you exist? Therefore, you need to integrate​ local SEO marketing​ into your marketing line. It helps you target your local customers.

So, the next question you may ask is how do I target them? What should I do?

Well, don’t panic. Here is the magic carpet laid for any local business like plumbing, carpentering, saloon, restaurants, food stores, house cleaning etcetera.

Website – Keep it simple and subtle

A website acts as the face of your business online. It could ​literally tell the consumers who you are and what you do through it. Ensure your website contains all the essential information about your business making it easy for your customers to find you easily.

You don’t need to have pixel-perfect graphic images or videos to promote your business,

keep your website mobile-friendly, SEO girlfriend-ly, and user interface wifey.

There you go!

Reviews- oh, you mean revenue?


90% of consumers go through the online reviews before buying a product or visit any place.

88% of consumers consider online reviews like personal recommendations.

72% of consumers did buy a product after reading positive reviews.

So the next time someone stops by your shop, request them to drop a rating & review on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other such similar platforms. If they give you a positive response, say thank you and you could also offer them a coupon or something as a gratitude gesture. During this process, you might also come across negative reviews. What do you about them?

Keep your positive reviews close and negative reviews closer.

Never ignore a negative review. Whenever you receive a negative one, respond like a person rather than a business. Respond like you value their opinion. The best way is to take it offline. Take the feedback in-person and provide compensation if it is valid. This is a good tactic to change the person’s opinion to give your business one more chance.

Social Media – A Psychology more than Technology

Social media marketing is a sure shot way to increase the ROI or establish a strong presence online. We all agree. But without the right integration of psychology and sociology, you are likely to lose. The social media channels of today build a bridge to connect with your audience in a way, to increase social media engagement. Humans are of emotions. We all tend to be recognized or feel important. Besides, when your customers feel connected to you, they are likely to go ahead with you.

Keep focusing on how to be a social rather than how to do social.

To develop that emotional connection, you need to start interacting with your followers on a daily basis in a meaningful way. When someone tweets about you, don’t just retweet it, write a reply with some humor. Laughter is one of the most effective ways to build an emotional bond with people. All you need to know is what kind of humor do your customers appreciate.

Better late than never, do start. Don’t be afraid to dive in. Leap. The sooner you start, the sooner you start growing your business. You can even associate yourself with one of those ​ Digital Marketing Companies​ who have in-house creative writers, marketing analysts, social media psychos, and sales gangs to help you from end-to-end.

Have You Heard About Local Digital Marketing

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