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10+ Email Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages (2019)

Came into operation in the early 1960s upon utilization by a limited number of corporate professionals and received global recognition in the mid-1970s for its unanticipated benefits and trivial drawbacks, Electronic mail (Email or E-mail) soon then became a sensational hit. Its instant send-and-reach feature, eco-friendly nature and paper-independent benefits combined with the growing usage […]

Digital Marketing for Real Estate Developers

With the world moving closer towards digital technology day by day, the primordial profession of construction is having a hard time adjusting to the transformation. Be it utilizing the latest tech for conducting business, or advertising brand—which most of the business organizations these days rely on—real estate developers are striving to adapt to the developing […]

What is search engine reputation management?

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) is a proactive strategy of creating, maintaining, improving, and monitoring a brand’s or business’s online presence predominantly on Search Engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. SERM goes beyond maintenance of one’s online search presence, it’s key principles involve influencing and controlling online users’ perception about the business or […]

How to increase e-commerce product sales online?

Are you an online-product-selling business company: searching for ways to increase e-commerce product sales online? trying to come with ways to expand customers/ clientele? looking for different platforms to market a product(s) online? E-commerce marketing not only adds up as an answer to the above-mentioned questions but it also acts as a solution to all […]

Digital Marketing Services For Hospitals

Hospitals have the utmost responsibility when it comes to building and maintaining a good name and virtuous reputation in the community; because, unlike other organizations, healthcare institutions have a very righteous and significant role in sustaining life.Before the invention of the internet, the medical care industry relied on traditional marketing techniques such as utilization of […]

Online reputation management for doctors/ hospitals

The Internet has engulfed all sectors of businesses including the practice of medicine, by doing so it created a tremendous expansion, communication, and reach opportunity for doctors and medical institutions to build credibility and gain faith of confidence from patients: at the same time brought forth an equally contradictory platform that could backfire within seconds […]

5 Digital Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners 2019

As a small business owner, the mere mention of integrating marketing into the business might send shivers down your spine. But, not anymore. The barriers of entry into the marketplace are now welcome to all scales of businesses, thanks to the digital space. Learn how to leverage your revenue by implementing ​digital marketing for small […]

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