5 Ways to Market Your Coworking Space

If we look back a few years ago, the term co-working space was merely a phrase. Fast forward to 2019, it turned out to be a full-blown industry that has transformed the way people work. The gig economy is growing in India now more than ever. So, either you own a coworking space or mapping out to create one, look no further. This blog is brimming with tested strategies and different ways to market your coworking space.

Begin with Local Search Marketing

You are running a coworking space, which means, you are a local business. Google has reported that 46% of searches have local intent. If you have been observing Google’s local search results over the years, it is crystal clear that the results have been restretched to a local 3-pack. Earlier, the local listings were shown in 3, 5, or 7 packs where there is a possibility to squeeze into the first search results page. It is not that ​ easy ​ now, however, not​ impossible.

One of the many ​coworking marketing strategies​ includes claiming your Google My Business page. It is a free-to-use platform most businesses fail to take advantage of. Add a unique description of your service with proper links, choose the appropriate categories for your business, add a local phone number to the listing, upload high-resolution pictures, and add your physical business address that resonates with the one on your website and other directories.

Don’t stick alone to Google. Repeat the same process in Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, and other such similar search engines.

Social Media

The ​ marketing strategy for a coworking space​ would not be complete without talking about social media. Social media is very compelling and compulsive. According to Statista, an average internet user has around 8 social media accounts. Take advantage of them. However, you need to be clear that each channel as its niche and its own audience.

Thus, a multiple-channel marketing campaign could be highly advantageous. For instance, use Instagram to show off the teeny-weeny architecture of your coworking space, the events you host, the reviews of your members. Make sure you have a knack for hashtags to increase the viewership and create new customers. Likewise, you can advertise on Facebook to grab the attention of the local market and get foot traffic.

A Dedicated Blog

Although it seems hectic on the surface, a blog for your coworking space can greatly enhance your ability to get new clients. In today’s digital age, we resolve most of the queries through the search engines. Blogging drives traffic to your website, no second thought about it but that traffic could also be converted into leads. There is a high possibility to turn a member who was just looking for information online into a customer. This can be achieved by the authentic information you provide in the name of blog posts. And bogging about things might seem like a scary endeavor but this should not discourage as you have plenty of online tools available to make this happen.

Paid Advertising

In layman terms, paid advertising is a sort of advertising where the business has to pay a fee every time someone clicks on the ad. No matter how optimized your web pages are, you won’t see the results right away. But this gives you instant brand visibility. Further, it is super affordable. Create personalized landing pages with captivating content to generate potential leads. A few of the recommended tools include Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Build your Online Reputation

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you are keen on ​ how to market your coworking space​ , Online Reputation Management is the key. In today’s digital age, the purchases are being made online and the pre-purchase research is a must. The online world has given consumers an opportunity to express their voice. Mind you, that tone is significant.

Respond to every single review about your coworking space. Be thankful for the positive reviews. You can show it either by giving them a discount or a simple “thank you” card. Likewise, be thankful for the negative reviews in a way that you get to know what has gone wrong. Remember, first impressions matter. Make it count.

5 Ways to Market Your Coworking Space

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