10+ Email Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages (2019)

email marketing pro's & con's

Came into operation in the early 1960s upon utilization by a limited number of corporate professionals and received global recognition in the mid-1970s for its unanticipated benefits and trivial drawbacks, Electronic mail (Email or E-mail) soon then became a sensational hit. Its instant send-and-reach feature, eco-friendly nature and paper-independent benefits combined with the growing usage of computers rapidly digitized the manner of writing and sending letters. 
No sooner had the email was made available for the general population, then the public amassed to associate themselves with the digitizing modes of communication. Likewise, as soon as the public began using the email service, business companies found a way to utilize the same and the expanding online market for business and marketing. Email Marketing quickly picked up the pace. Enterprises later began contemplating Email Marketing advantages and disadvantages to implement it at its best use as a part of their online marketing strategy.

What is Email Marketing?

Perhaps one of the most defined terms in Digital Marketing, Email Marketing is an online marketing tactic where business companies send promotional, informative, advertising, or other goal-oriented e-messages to people’s email address for the email recipients to view. 

Unlike other marketing strategies, email marketing’s prior prerequisite includes having email addresses of potential recipients: without possessing an email database, sending or receiving electronic messages become practically impossible. With 200+ billion emails exchanged everyday; be it building brand awareness, advertising/promoting products/services, generating leads, reaching out to potential customers, retaining current customers, or any other objective: email marketing provides easy and simple ways to fulfil the objectives.

Email Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages. 

Just like any other technology, email marketing comes with its own set of pros and cons. These email marketing advantages and disadvantages are aspects that should be reviewed while benefiting from it, at the same time, must be reviewed carefully not to put it at the wrong use. 

Advantages of Email Marketing 

Here are some advantages of email marketing.


The traditional modes of writing letters require paper. Paper is made by cutting down trees. With every tree cut, the world and environment suffers. Email marketing advantages provides a simple solution to environmental conservation methods by consuming nothing but electricity and thereby contributing to tree conservation. One of the greatest advantages of Email marketing might probably be its eco-friendly nature. 

Instant Reach

One of the biggest digital advantages of email marketing is its ability to reach people at the speed of light with a simple push of a button. With the right targeted email lists, companies can seamlessly interact with potential audiences.


There are a countless number of email marketing tools at an affordable price that simplifies email campaign management, newsletter designing, blast templates creation, campaign automation, and many more. 

In addition, when companies fail to comprehend the usage of the email campaign tools, email marketing providers come to the rescue. From strategizing bulk email campaigns to tracking the engagement and metrics, a digital marketing company, specialising in email marketing, come in handy.


The difficulty that arises in the conventional mailing is writing a new letter each and every time before posting it to the intended recipient. Email marketing brings down such painful physical labor by enabling the user who opts email for marketing by allowing him to mail a single e-mail to an n-number of people.

Disadvantages of Email Marketing 

Here are some disadvantages of email marketing.

  • Strategising a campaign for email marketing is difficult when done without any expert’s advice. 
  • Email marketing requires a precise database of Email Ids of potential recipients. Gathering and maintaining email lists can be tiresome.
  • Spam Emails: When the email campaigns are not done right, the possibility of the emails to end up in the user’s spam mail, which the recipient barely looks at, is heavy. 
  • Design an email template requires technical expertise and coding skills.

All these disadvantages can be avoided by opting for a digital marketing company specializing in email marketing.

10+ Email Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages (2019)

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